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Drežnica is an excellent starting point for hikers, mountain bikers, kayakers, paragiders and other mountain and nature lovers. The area we live in, has a lot to offer



View of the mountains will enthrall you to a new dimension. Hikers will take pleasure in walking through the vast meadows and rocky terrain with rich flora and fauna. Drežnica is surrounded by mountains Krn, Krasji Vrh and Ozben Hill to the south, which are great for long or short and easy walking tours. If you don't like walking mountain trails, you can visit many natural beauties nearby (the Koseč river beds, the Kozjak Waterfall, the Krampež Waterfall, the Curk Waterfall..)

» Panoramic views, Alpe Adria Trail, Gotrek

If you are a history lover, you can hire a guide to lead you along the path commemorating the First World War or show you the beauties of alpine dairy farms.

» Poti miru v posočju




Mountain biking:

There are many great mountain bike trails near the village. Diversity of trail types allow you to take an easy ride or experience exhilarating downhill ride. If you are considering a long-distance bike ride in the Soča Valley, there are many different mountain bike trail guides and maps available at Jelkin Hram. We'll make sure your bicycles are safe and dry in our garage during your visit.

If you don't have your own bicycle, you can always rent one from us.

» MTB Slowenien


Rafting, Hydrospeed, Kayaking:

In summer days you can enjoy water activities on the Soča River: swimming, fishing, rafting, hydrospeed and kayaking. If you like water sports, we can arrange for an experienced guide to take you on your trip, you can join a course and get the basic knowledge of the correct paddling or only rent eqiupment.

If you want to challenge yourself, then try canyoning! Following a stream through a narrow gorge, you will slide down beautiful rock slides, swim through clear pools and enjoy jumping into the water.

It's fun and enjoyable way to admire the beauties of nature.

» Positive Sport



Rock climbing:

There are several climbing areas in the vicinity, which offer good climbing in various grades. The closest area is 'Žuanu Rob', which is only one kilometer away. Rock climbing area 'Pod Kopitcem' beneath the village of Magozd has 9 routes with grades ranging from 4c to 6b+. Rock climbing area 'Nadiža' near village Kred and the river Nadiža, has 14 routes with grades ranging from 4a to 7c. Rock climbing area 'Škratova skala' in Kobarid has 8 routes with grades ranging from 4b to 7a. These are equipped climbing sites you can visit, if your fingers get itchy.




Nadiža is only 20 minutes drive towards Italy. In summer, when the weather gets too hot, it is an excellent place to refresh yourself. Cool off in these beautiful and inviting natural swimming pools. The water temperature of the Nadiza River can exceed 20 degrees Celsiusis, whereas the temperature of the Soča River reaches approximately 10 degrees Celsiusis.







For fishermen unique emerald Soča river with most precious pearl: the marble trout, certainly offers experience which every fisherman have to try.

» Angling club Tolmin



Horse riding:

For those who like horse riding are in Soča valley horse riding centers where you can learn how to ride or you can go for a cross country riding with guides.






The carnival:

"Drežnšk pust", the old traditional carnival of Drežnica with »the beautiful ones and the ugly ones« is one of special curiosities of the village.

Carnival, every year on carnivals suterday, is the summit of very old traditional habitudes connected with Drežnica brotherhood. If you are interested to know more, you must come to visit us.

» The Carnival



Drežnica museum collections:

Besides a private museum collection of objects dating from the First World War and an ethnological collection, which takes you on a journey through time in Drežnica, you can also admire a very interesting collection of roots and stones from Soča and Nadiža rivers, as well as a hunting exhibition of local animals from mountain paradise under the Krn.

» The Isonzo front





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