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Jelkin Hram :: Wellness


…relax in a different way. We offer a domestic wellness for you to enjoy after a long, hard day or if you just want to get away and forget your worries…

We only rent the spa area to groups. This way your privacy is always guaranteed.

Let us know in advance and sweet smell of romance including candles and a glass of sparkling champagne will await for you.

Relax and enjoy... 

Finnish sauna can accept up to 4 persons.


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Paragliding Kobarid
 Jelkin Hram
 Klavdij Rakušček s.p.
 Drežnica 305222 Kobarid, Slovenija

 Tel: +386 (0) 41 953 37
0, +386 (0) 53 848 610

                     Jelkin Hram Drežnica


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