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Jelkin Hram paragliding center :: 20-Year Tradition

Over 20 years of experience!

Jelkin hram's integrated offer for paraglider and hang glider pilots includes accommodation, home cooking and all the necessary information and services paragliders and hang gliders need.

It is the first specialized paragliding center in the Soča Valley and certainly among the first in Europe!

Jelkin Hram dates back to 1987, when we sponsored first paragliders in Drežnica and Kobarid. Today we offer pilots' services all in one place: testing center for paragliders, transport to take-offs, weather information and guiding with a paragliding instructor, if requested. For experienced pilots, who wish to improve their knowledge of XC flying, we provide a world-class pilots escort upon your request.

Over 20 paragliding schools, associations and agencies worldwide trust our long term experiences and keep coming back.

The Soča Valley is known for its climatic conditions, which are ideal for paragliding and hang gliding. This is also confirmed by the fact that many world records in XC flying have been set here. Because of excellent flying conditions we have hosted many PWC (Paragliding World Cup) competitions, National championships and International events with the world's elite pilots.

Today Jelkin Hram supports local association Adrenalin paragliding team, participates in the development of sports tourism and paragliding in the Soča Valley and sponsors world-class competitions as well as individuals.

If you are not a pilot, but you want to experience the enjoyable feeling of flying, the Soča Valley is the best place to do it. A tandem flight with an experienced pilot can be arranged upon your request. …

Paragliding Kobarid
 Jelkin Hram
 Klavdij Rakušček s.p.
 Drežnica 305222 Kobarid, Slovenija

 Tel: +386 (0) 41 953 37
0, +386 (0) 53 848 610

                  Jelkin Hram Drežnica


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