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Jelkin Hram paragliding center :: Hike & fly

Hike & fly...

Our "green tip"  is hike & fly!

Alone or together with our experienced local pilots, you can discover the beauty of the hidden paths that lead you to the take-off places in Soča valley ... hike & fly has become increasingly popular among paragliding pilots in recent years. Adapted equipment, which is much lighter as standard one, allows the pilot comfortable climb up the hill. From there a pilot can fly away with the glider.

We often make jokes about how paragliding look like in the past. It was a real sport, because take off places were high in the mountains only accessible by foot. Therefore pilots could enjoy the flight for a few minutes more. With years of development, performances of gliders went better and better. Pilots were mainly looking for take-off places accessible by vehicles from where with help of thermals could fly higher and further. We can say that nowadays this sport spirit returns. A number of pilots who combine hiking and flying are increasing. Some even does long tours or para-bivouac, where for several days or even weeks pilots overcoming distances only by hiking and flying.





Are you are interested in hike & fly? On your request we can give all the necessary information you need. For individuals or small groups we can also provide a local experienced guide.









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