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Jelkin Hram paragliding center :: Flying area

Take-off points

On the outskirts of the Triglav National Park lies a paradise for paragliders and hang gliders. A view towards the South lets you admire reflection of the Sun in the Adriatic Sea, a view towards the North on the other hand reveals the mighty mountains of the Julian Alps.The location and geographical features offer great conditions for paragliding begginers as well as experienced pilots.

Adrenalin paragliding team Gornje Posočje is responsible for the maintanence and tidiness of the take-off and landing places in Kobarid municipality. DPL Posočje takes care of the Kobala take-off, whereas Polet Nova Gorica takes care of the Lijak take-off. Users of all take-off and landing places do so at their own risk.

More info:
» Društvo Adrenalin Kobarid
» DPL Posočje Tolmin
» Polet Nova Gorica

In order to use take-off and landing places you need a daily or weekly permit. Radio frequency for free flying pilots is 147.800 MHz.

We wish you a nice flight and a happy landing!





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